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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 17, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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good evening everybody, i'm ashley webster, once again lou dobbs, breaking news at this hour as hamas rockets are once again being fired at israel, and yes, israel is retaliating. moments ago, the israel military confirming it's again targeting terror sites across gaza after at least five rockets were fired at israel just hours before 72 hour truce set to expire this afternoon. now despite the prujs of conflict. egypt says israel and hamas have agreed to extend a temporary cease-fire for another five days. although it's not clear if today's rockets fired in subsequent retaliation will scuffle that deal. other crisis around the globe
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also worsening tonight. in iraq, the radical isil has driven one and a half million people from their homes, leading the united nations to declare it a level three emergency. that is the highest and worst level. the obama administration meanwhile has sent a team of special operations groups to iraq to assess how to evacuate the thousands of refugees trapped there. the troops are on the mountain range for roughly 24 hours in a move the critics say seems an awful lot like boots on the ground. something the administration has insisted we would not see. when asked about that at a brief survey today, the advisor tried to draw an extinction. >> these are 130 personnel are not going to be in a combat role in iraq. they're there on a temporary basis to make assessments about how to get the population off the mountain. this would be a humanitarian
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effort again to get them to a safe space. there are a range of ways for doing that, we haven't made decisions about how to carry out that mission because we want to get the read out from the assessment team first. >> hope you were following that. ukraine and russia tonight still locked in a standoff over a massive aid convoy that russia is trying to send into ukraine. the ukrainian government says it will not allow the supplies to enter its territory because it believes russia is only trying to incite pro-russian separatists in eastern parts of the ukraine. the number of people kiel killed in the conflict doubled in just the past two weeks to more than 2,000 dead. we'll talk all about this in just moments with fox news strategic analyst ralph peters to get his thoughts on everything going on. also tonight, full report taking a deeper look into the optics of president obama attend ak party on martha's vineyard with hilary clinton. as international crisis and conflicts erupt around the world. now to iraq, mitt first
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guest says the obama administration's hair splitting about boots on the ground is embarrassing as the white house tries to get away with doing as little as possible in iraq. joining me now, fox strategic anls i lieutenant colonel ralph peters, thanks for joining us. the very latest fox news poll shows that 52% disapprove of mr. obama's handling of iraq just 37 approve. you say this is mr. obama's war and his preemptive retreat from syria and iraq itself which in turn created the islamic militants who are creating so much carnage. >> yes indeed, past a point you can't blame george w. bush anymore. today it's painful as an american to listen to various administration voices try to split hairs, well, you know, we have soldiers on the ground, but they're not really there. they're not boots on the ground
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because they're assessing and they're advising, and oh, they're humanitarians, look, we have almost #,000 troops on the yound -- 1,000 troops on. those are boots on the ground. we're going to have more because we're not going to be able to avoid it. doesn't mean we're spending divisions and corps back to iraq, but even to do the air strikes effectively, you need observers on the ground. special forces. air force officer to call in the strikes. and i'm sure we've had them on the ground for a while. and it would be nice if the president could level with the american people. could man up and say look, we have a humanitarian disaster on our hands, we need to help because america has to lead. and we need to deal with islamic state. we're going to use air power, it's going to be require some ground support, and we're going to do what we have to do to american security. what would be so hard? to get behind a microphone and just tell the american people that much. instead you have this constant
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office stating, improvising, there is no policy. i mean hilary clinton's recent remarks which she's rushed to restrakt were absolutely -- retract, were absolutely right. don't do stupid stuff is not a strategic contest for goodness sakes. >> you're saying look, this group this we are facing not will not just a bunch of rag tag thugs. it is going to take pretty harsh measures in order to confront this threat. not just nibble away at the outside of of this. this is going to take strong action and quite frankly, given the scenario you've just outlined, that's unlikely to happen, what is the worst case scenario here do you believe with isil, isis, they are carving out a niche in the northern part of iraq and seem to be growing. >> well, they are well on their
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way to destroying an almost 2,000eú civilization in iraq and syria. they are determined to wipe out the yazidis and other minorities. they're slaughtering muslims, but where it breaks from jihad tradition is militant army armies are killing fellow sunni muslims. they're going into villages and killed people that protest about their behavior. this is an organization that really is an apock lippic death cult. it's without precedent in the lifetimes. i keep saying the closest parallel to this celebration of mass blood sacrifice to a god, you have to go back to the aztecs to get this kind of thing. and that is no exaggeration. and i'll tell you, ashley, one of the many things this administration and its key
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backers will not face up to because they live such privileged lives in which a bloody nose at a playground is grounds for a lawsuit, they do not understand thor have rosty, the brutality of the world and certainly the islamic state, and young men, these who are flocking to islamic state, once they get a pace for -- taste for blood, rape, and mass murder, it's hard to wean them off. it's addictive. and one last point if i may, even on fox, and fox business, i keep hearing people say islamic state only got five or 10,000 fighters. that is nonsense. they are up to 30 or 40,000 now. more pouring in, jihadis are are leaving other groups to join them. they are not only willing but enthusiastic about dying for their cause and moral trumps in your opinions. that's why they're winning. >> very sobering point. but we appreciate your insight,
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colonel ralph peters, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you, ashley. new poll numbers show republicans have reasons to be optimistic. former arkansas governor mike huckabee on what the gop needs to do to maintain the momentum, next. in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny. we've created tax free zones throughout the state. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at
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83 days until the midterm elections now. president obama not doing any favors for democrats while vacationing amid policy crisis. a new poll shows voters opinions of president obama make them more likely to vote for a republican than a democrat in the poll. joining me now former arkansas governor and host of huckabee on the fox news channel, mike huckabee, thanks so much for joining us tonight as always.
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well, let's start right there. with so many foreign policy issues going on right now, should the president be on vacation or does he deserve a vacation? >> well he certainly doesn't deserve a vacation base on the what this administration has failed to accomplish, ashley. i think there's a bigger issue. and it's how this looks to the world. when you have people being beheaded in iraq, christians strand on the mountaintops, you have isis that's going full board to try to create a level of bar barism that we haven't seen in centuries. for the president to be on vacation essentially says that what he's doing by vacationing is more important than what's happening in the world. and i think that's why a lot of democrats are going to be on vacation come november. their just not going to go vote for democrats because they're frustrated and disgusted. >> that's interesting, we mentioned the poll showing that the opinions of the president saying they're more likely to
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vote for republicans and democrat by 42-32%. i guess my question for you is what does the gop need to do? a day a is a long time in politics. they can't ride in. what do they need to do to keep that momentum moving forward? they can't pretend it's going to stay like this, it's not but a snapshot doesn't do it. here's the thing republicans have got to do. they have to put a message forward and say if you elect us, this is what we're going to do. republicans are starting to talk like that. they're looking at creating a budget that has common sense to it. i think this is the most important thing they can do, harry reid didn't come up with a budget for something like four years and he just simply never let anything end. harry reid has run the roach
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motel of the senate. bills go in, but they never come out. 357 house bills went in, not one ever got to the floor. so if republicans can get the senate, they start with the budget, they start cutting unnecessary things, they show that they have the capacity and the will to govern, and i think that's a starting point for republicans. but they need to put that out there before the election. >> well yeah, and you just mentioned, i was going to ask you what the challenges that face the gop if they run both houses. i think you did a good job of outlining that. we have a president that's going to use the veto bill, his veto pen quite liberally. >> well he can do certain things, but on the budget, he really is not going to be able to stop it because that's the roll of the congress. and so the president will have to be a bystander when congress goes through and they put a budget together that eliminates a lot of waste, fraud and the crony capitalism. we're losing middle class jobs
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ash lit because this administration has run a very different game than what most of us would call free market capitalism. its run the crony capitalism where favors benefits government checks are handed out to the people who are a part of the political class that support this administration. i hope republicans don't fall for the trap of doing the same thing and calling that reform and they've done it in the past, and that's what has to stop because it's not only inefficient, but it's outrageous to the tax payers. >> and quickly governor, its been interesting to read tlint's comments, certainly about the president's foreign policy decisions, and really putting distance between herself and the president. how much of that has hurt the democratic party overall do you think? >> i think it hurts them ashley because first of all, there's clear division. it shows that now her ambition is outweighing her hopes that this administration is successful. they've been very unified,
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admirably so, but i think see the beginnings of the cracks in the armor, and i don't think it bodes well for democrats. >> all right. governor mike huckabee, as always, thanks so much for joining us tonight, we appreciate it. >> thank you, ashley. and of course tune into huckabee on the fox news channel saturday and sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. eastern. coming up next, shocking new government investigation reveals an alarming number of illegal immigrants felons released into american society. award winning investigative journalist sheryl alaska kinson joins us here next to talk about it next, don't go away. (vo) rush hour around here
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a scathing report today highlighting budget mismanagement and ineffective strategies at the highest levels inside the i.c.e. agency. a department of homeland security inspector general finding that shortly before the 2013 sequestration, over 2200 illegal detainees were released. 617 of them with criminal convictions. i.c.e. moving forward with those mass releases without waiting to hear whether the white house will provide requested found make those releases unnecessary.
11:20 pm
our next guest analyzed the reports findings and joining us, five time emmy award winning investigator, thanks so much for joining us. you are also i should mention the author of the soon to be released book, stone walled by fights for truce. that's goingen to interesting reading. sheryl again, thank you for being here. bottom line, this is a damming report from the inspector general, at the very heart of this, i guess what's the decision to release these illegal felons purely a political one? >> actually the inspector general seemed to avoid answering that question directly. they did say that there's no evidence that there were certain cop ulations between the agency and certain executive level offices at the white house. we do know that i.c.e., the chief financial officer did notify the office of management and budget which is in the white
11:21 pm
house, shortly before the releases that the extra money was needed. made a request based on this budget's short fall that it happened because according to the i.g., their poor planning. one of the surprising things to me that was left unanswered, the report blames the chief financial officer at i.c.e. for making this decision to suddenly empty out several thousand beds against judgment of a lot of people. and yet it doesn't say who she consulted with and who would have had to approve that for it fob implemented. she by herself konts order an release of of this kind, but the report left unanswered who else was involved in that. >> yeah it's interesting because if i'm not mistaken this was all done on the weekend, we have extra overtime pay to handle is this. they didn't wait to find out if they would get the extra money they needed not to have to do this mass release. i mean, on very surface of it, it seems clear that they were doing this to make a point. >> even the i.g. said he
11:22 pm
couldn't get the answer it was left unexplained as to why they quickly moved forward. 1400 of the releases, most were done on a weekend before sequestration went into effect which men attorneys weren't available to review the cases and some cases involving felons before they were released into the public and it created a whole bunch of obstacles, the timing and the fact that so many were released at once. again it was unexplained as to exactly why that decision was made and who at the highest levels you would think something like that would have to be approved. >> and also, sheryl, what kind of misinformation was provided to, well the public and congress especially. >> well the associated press originally broke the report in march of 2013 that 2,000 illegal immigrant, illegal immigrants were being released. napolitano the head of security at the time said that was false. she said it wasn't thousands, this report is a myth, this isn't true.
11:23 pm
then nine days later, the head of i.c.e. testified to congress that indeed several thousand were released. and in other instances incorrect information was provided to congress, the i.g. indicated that i.c.e. told them it was not intentional, it was because they had to gather so much data so quickly when they were asked this controversial questions by congress in much of 2013. >> and also sheryl the report really describes what can be best described as the utter miscommunication and mismanagement of a budget. and yet, i mean these problems being fixed? it seems from this report they knew that the issues were there, but haven't done anything about them. >> the report specifically states that more than a year later these problems have not been fixed. homeland security has trouble getting budget and financial fgs information to do oversight of the agency it supervises. remember we're being asked to entrust a good chunk of billions
11:24 pm
more american tax to this agency as it's facing new crisis even as we're told that it has been very deep budget disarray and mismanagement. >> so, i mean, bottom line, this report is extremely damming, and raises a lot of questions, but what welcome the fallout? >> it's a good question. a lot of times when reports like this come forth, officials are not held accountable. we've heard time and time again when scandals have occurred and been proven by independent forces, why is the cfo, if she is indeed to blame for the problems, why is she still in charge at i.c.e.? why is she still cfo? who else would and should be held responsible for the short falls that the i.g. flagged in this report? bedon't have the answers. he didn't indicate that any accountability had happened. >> lack of accountability they call it. sheryl atkinson, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it.
11:25 pm
we'll be right back. another night of violence in the st. louis suburb where an unarmed teen was killed by police. we'll have a full report and the a team weighs in on the racial tensions gripping ferguson, missouri, following the death of michael brown. jason johnson joins us next. hard it can breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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joining me now at the ap, tom, a radio talk show host in philadelphia. dom, thank you, and welcome to you. and dr. jason john, police science professor -- political science professor. thank you for being here. let's get right into this story out of ferguson, missouri. jason, let me begin with you. there's interesting facts, nonfacts coming out of this story. let's get with the one that's don't know the officer in question. the police say it's for his own
11:29 pm
protection. what's your thoughts on that? >> disgusting. he is a public official. and if somebody who represents a public, someone who the tax payers pay for, they should reveal who he is. and if the police believe that it was a justifiable shooting. look, i understand giving police protection to the guy's family. i understand saying hey look, he's left town because we think people might be violent or dangerous, but reveal the name. the idea of not revealing the name to the tax payers who are concerned about this man's behavior is a violation of their responsibility to the people. >> dom, would you agree? >> no, i wouldn't fully agree at all. he's not a public official, he's just a cop, and they're looking at this to protect him. i would rather they reveal it, i agree with that, but the atmosphere there, around officials in ferguson, i think is pretty intense, and i think that over the course of time they will reveal his name, and they should. >> he's a public employee. his name should be revealed. tax payers should know who's working for them. and he's working for them and shooting mike brown is something he said or thought they was doing and working for the
11:30 pm
constituents. he should make that clear. >> go ahead, dom, answer that. >> go ahead, ashley, that's okay. >> i wanted to get into the police department itself. 53 fully commissioned officers, 50 of which are white. so the, the community itself, you could argue is polarized to some extent because there's no representationation of -- representation of the community itself, it's not a mirrored reflection. that i think is a problem. also there's a tendency, i think of us and everybody else mentality in the police. would you not agree, and do you think situations like this highlight that very issue? >> well, i would say this, i'm in philadelphia and it is a very diverse police force, ashley, and that's a good thing. that does bring a perspective to it, but that doesn't ensure there's not going to be an us against them mentality here. and some of the people in the community are responsible for this, and i think it is a good point right now to look at this and to see if the police can diversify coming out of this, be up that is not the core element
11:31 pm
in my view, looking at it from afar of what triggers things like this. and there's no excuse for rioting. >> yeah, look, what's going to happen is when you have the police shoot somebody in broad daylight, and then not talk to his family and leave his body in the street for hours, and then not actually have any sort of police liaison, where were the police who were already in the community? where were the cops who were walking the streets? they were acting like an occupy army, and that's why people get angry. and bill honest with you -- >> wait a minute, jason -- >> the reason that the police force is diversified in philadelphia is because of riots in the 60s and bombings like with move in 1987. it usual -- >> come on now. >> go ahead, dom. >> that's not true at all. let me take you back to what you just said. that sounds like a justification for rioting. it's outrageous what's gone on. >> i'm not justifying it. >> you are. >> when off segregated police force, it doesn't end up getting diversified until you have a violent reaction where the
11:32 pm
police were shown to be incompetent or hand american league community. that's a problem. >> that's not why -- >> failed from the beginning in the situation. >> well that brings up a question, dom. >> that's not why philadelphia was diversified, it was diversified because america moved forward, we are in an era of better race relations, and that's why things have happened. >> because they had riots and because people complained. >> that's not true at all. they may have complained, but riots don't result in divorcification. >> what do you hope comes out of this, jason. >> i hope april 7th of next year when you have the ferguson city elections, there's a real change in that city because i think all this passion, if it doesn't show up on the ballot box, its been a waste of time. the citizens should get out, register to vote and initiate changes at a government level. >> dom, what do you hope comes out of this? >> i think that's a very good thing too. i agree with jason on that. i hope there is reform in ferguson, if that's what is driving this without a doubt, i'm in agreement on that. >> we're out of time. we were going to talk about iraq
11:33 pm
and everything else. this is an interesting topic and it's going to continue to be. let's thank you both for being here. dom and jason, thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. much more on the obama, hirary relationship with michael goodwin in just moments, we'll be right back. in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny. we've created tax free zones throughout the state. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure.
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11:37 pm
foreign policy. the come ummist, michael goodwin, also a fox news contributor, thank you so much for being here tonight. enjoyed your article. you said it wasn't so much a mercy killing as an expedient one. yes, it's self-serving, which it is of course as she tries to separate herself from the president and get her own campaign under way, but ultimately, do you think she made good point kps. >> absolutely. i think if you watch fox or listen to john mccain, lindsey graham, pete king, ted cruz. you will hear the same idea that the president's policies have failed. so you look around the world,
11:38 pm
isis being the latest, as hillary clinton says in this interview, they are not going to stay there, when they create a terror state like that in islamic state, they push outward. that will be coming after us. we hear all the time about the threats on our homeland. so when she talks about that that the president didn't do enough, it was a failure to not intervene in syria earlier. that is a fact, it's an obvious truth to everybody except the obamwingf a docrac pty a thenitatio and the peasent mmuny. shwas sayg,i thk wh the amecan pelegreewh,hat tse polies e notrkin he s madhene re the artie. >>e's in inn,e cat stan cricis at'sartf wat's goi o thehiteousew. y havpeop suoundg h whoare t tllhimthetrut th ide tt we wre caht rd b co it
11:39 pm
guarple no longer give the president news he doesn't want to hear? because they will be shunned. they will be frozen out. he's going to do what he's going to do no matter what the facts are. so what's the point of telling him isis is a threat if he's going to tell you, you're being a hawk, not everything requires american troops. so i think that what hillary clinton did is a very big and important break, you now have a leader, if not the leader in the democratic party other than the president saying the party needs to wake up. you have to figure these things out, it's not enough to say we're not going to do anything. >> what's the likelihood of that actually happening? he is a consensus builder. he will end up doing basically nothing. >> what he wants to do. i think that's what she has now done sing opened the door in a
11:40 pm
very important way. and as we discussed, of course, it's politics. her name is clinton, right? she's running for president. of course it's politics, but i think that doesn't mean it's not true. and that's, that for me is the most important thing. she has said a true thing here. i think she ought to be applauded for it. >> what about the timing of it? >> well look, you know the politics of it could cut both ways. i mean, it may provoke a primary challenge to her from the left, another piece, nick, in the democratic party. on the other hand, and it may not help her among others who don't trust her anyway. so i'm not sure what the long-term politics are. she's a better politician than i am, but i do believe that what she has done is important for the country. i think it was the right thing to say. i'm glad she said it. i wish more democrats would say it because the country believes it. the only thing that's stopping the democratic party is the fear that president obama will then freeze them out or criticize them or they'll be called
11:41 pm
racists for disagreeing with him. >> midterm elections could turn out well for the republicans, what are your thoughts and is tea party kind of fading a little bit? >> it's interesting, i was listening to carl cameron earlier. one of the things going on across the key senate races is that you have a number of libertarian candidates on the ballot in a number of these states. not a number in each state, but one in each state which could siphon the margin of victory away from the candidates. they want to get control. that's the big question. it's too early to say for certain. >> we shall see. thank you so much for being with us, we appreciate it. missionaries returning from treating ebola patients in west africa on quarantine as the possible discovery of patient zero emerges. medical missionary dr. frank glover with the latest on the deadly outbreak, next.
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11:45 pm
update now on the world's worst ebola outbreak. three americans will be helping treat patients in west africa have return to the u.s. the aid worker and doctors are healthy but will be kept in quarantine in charlotte, north carolina, for the next three weeks a z a precautionary measure. one of the missionaries is david writebol who wife nancy is being treated at an atlanta hospital. meantime, doctors believe they have identified the origin of the ebola outbreak as a two-year-old boy from ginny. the virus was contracted after he died in early december and believed to spread to other villages after a funeral for the family. for more on the outbreak, i'm
11:46 pm
joined by dr. frank glover and the president of s.h.i.e.l.d. now dr. glover, thanks so much for joining us. how would you describe the health care system in liberia and well sierra leone for that matter right now? >> well right now the health care system has been greatly stressed in liberia as essentially collapsed with the closing of all the government hospitals. and at this point in time, the cdc is on the ground helping them to decontaminate the buildings and to begin opening the hospitals again. >> now you've spent, is this correct, three to four months a year working in liberia -- >> that's correct. >> you say the doctors were already aware of the limitations that they had to treat this outbreak and were forced to leave the area, is that right? >> yeah, that's right. >> so, wouldn't, what could have
11:47 pm
been done to prevent this? or at least jump on it quicker than we've been able to to stop the spread of this virus? expected this outbreak, and the hospitals were already underresourced with understaffing and not having basic essentials and supplies. and so with the ebola outbreak hit, it quickly overwhelmed the system. patients were presenting with high fevers, with diarrhea and vomiting, and they were infecting the unsuspecting health workers. so now we've had 44 nurses to die in liberia, nine doctors to become infected with the ebola virus, two to die, one to recover, and seven that are still recovering. >> so you say most patients die essentially because there's no way where to go, is that right? >> most patients die because of the virus. it has a 90% case fatality rate,
11:48 pm
meaning that most people do die, and in the two treatment centers that are existing in liberia now, one in the capitol city of monrovia and one up in the northern part of the country where the virus entered in lofa county, these are overwhelmed and only able to take 25 patients each. and so, there have been hundreds of cases in liberia, and so once they overwhelm the number of spaces for ebola patients, those patients were then turned away. and they found themselves going to bush doctors or butch doctors in remote areas and being treated there where the disease continues to transmit. >> so i guess my next question, doctor, is how much worse could this outbreak become? >> i believe it's going to get much worse before it gets better. we are trying to get a handle on things right now, but the biggest obstacle they're facing is the pbe's, the personal protective equipment that would ensure that the nurses and
11:49 pm
doctors and people who are handling the remains of ebola victims don't themselves become infected. and so we've had a problem with getting that there. about 75% of the existing work force there is still staying at home waiting for these ppe's to become available so they can then go to work and help patients. in the men time -- meantime, we're having on stret ri call emergencies, mothers that need a c section to deliver are not able to deliver, so the uterus then ruptures, the baby's lost, and many times the mother is also lost. and so, people that are presenting with basic things that you would find, like malaria and typhoid and surgical emergencies, these patients are dying, and so the death tole has already -- toll has surpassed the thousands in liberia alone. these aren't aawe tributed to ebola. >> what threat does ebola pose to america? >> well ebola doesn't pose an immediate threat to america as
11:50 pm
you said earlier, we have several missionaries that are returned with the group sim, and they are all healthy and will be quarantined for 21 days to ensure that they haven't been exposed or contracted the virus. but we have a very good public health system in place in this country. a lot of resources, the cdc has communicated with all the doctors really in the country to isolate patients and immediately report these patients so that we can put in place good public health measures to prevent the virus from spreading into the general population. >> and finally i guess, doctor, we try and find some sort of optimism from this story, will this propel those in the health industry to come up with a better, perhaps, plan in the event of these outbreaks and indeed a vaccine? >> well, i think that this is really underscored the inherent weakness of the health systems in these three very poor countries. and this would be imme distance to begin building the capacity. we need institutions there to
11:51 pm
train doctors and nurses and health professionals right there in africa. so that they're able to handle this. there are four million people in liberia with only 50 doctors on the ground, and nine of those have been infected. you can see they really have a personnel issue there. >> that's quite astounding number, dr. frank glover, thank you so much for joining us tonight, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and we'll be right back. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything.
11:52 pm
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unless your passion for innovation is nonstop. ♪ robin williams's death leaving a huge void in hollywood, four movies of his have yet to be released. joining me now to discuss how the producers of those film ensured that the show goes on. wall street journal
11:55 pm
entertainment reporter, thank you for being here. >> thanks. >> the fact remains that robin williams had four projects that were still yet to be released. two coming out christmas. >> yeah. >> how do the producers of these films, how do they handle a situation? >> they do it in a tasteful way. they take what they have and put together a movie that is going to be reflect the artists work without exploiting it. overexploiting it. and i think that there's a whole business around this. i mean a lot of these celebrities, not to be morbid, but a lot of them are worth more dead than they are alive. michael jackson is a good example. he's made over 700 million since he passed away. jimmy hendricks left with 100 unreleased songs, tupac shakur. >> seven albums after he died. >> these are prolitic because they are artist and they're
11:56 pm
passionate. robin williams was no exception. he was a person who even blooifed that it was ka thard toik use comedy as a way to deal with personal trauma, and -- >> did you meet robin williams? >> i never got to meet him? but i did speak about this issue where all of these comedians tend to kind of mask all their pain with comedy. and he was one of those people who did that. >> i was thinking philip seymour hoffman, of course we lost him, and his movie came out not long after his death. >> right. >> and the producers, those associated with the film were able to through editing i'm assuming complete the project. >> they're able to do that. what it does is puts an incredible burden on the families and incredible a. responsibility on the children who are inheriting this huge estate that is going to not just the insurance and not just the real estate, but all of the business opportunities that will come. because when you look at it, he is going to be immortalized in the same way that elvis presley
11:57 pm
was, mary long monroe, you're going to see the merchandising and the licensing. think about the value of his voice and what that's worth. his children are going to be the stewards over his brand and his likeness and image. they're going to have to do that responsibly. >> another phenomenon we see, robin williams's films occupy 12 of the top 137 best selling dvds on the number one dvd on amazon currently is mrs. doubtfire, which was released all the way back in 1993, but a new generation is coming to that film because of the renewed interest of course unfortunately because of his death. >> yeah, and there's a lot of curiosity about these iconic figures. and there will continue to be. it happens with most celebrities that go unsuddenly and tragically in this way. you see a bump. and what it is going to come down to now is who disease he put in charge of that estate to control that? >> when you look back, he had an
11:58 pm
amazing portfolio of work. you forget what he did. i love all the iconic ones, but he did a lot of other things. you forget his voice was used in the animated ones, which was terrific. >> and serious actor which is something you don't see. you don't see that kind of diversity. which is something that's going to put him down in history. and like i said, he will be, that face, that robin williams face is something you will see all over the place. t-shirts, it'll be used for people that aren't ian born yet whether -- even born yet will continue to follow his work. >> there was not a lot of regard for television work among ak toshs. but that has changed i think because we're seeing terrific television series. and of course, the series he was in, i think it was on cbs was canceled, wasn't it after one season? >> he still gets residuals from that. >> he does. >> and the one shall lance that he really was forth right -- challenge that he was really
11:59 pm
forthright about, the divorces. which was really the main motivation for him going back to tv because he needed the money. and he had two houses on the market, and -- >> according to reports, he was bankrupt, or facing bankruptcy. so obviously the pressure to find and continue to do work was hard. >> again, not an uncommon story for celebrities who have these -- >> is that right? >> michael jackson. he was another one. and that's what i meant when i opened up and i said some of them are worth more dead than they are alive because they are not here to spend the money and to live as lavishly with the high overhead that they lived by. >> and it's difficult for the studios, they have to do this in a tasteful way, but also while protecting the business itself. >> protecting in their investment. i mean this is, look, they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars now to make movies and when you get a big actor like a robin williams, it's not cheap. and so what they have to do is they have to figure out a way to monotize that asset, and they
12:00 am
will find a way to do it. they'll be under scrutiny, but it'll happen. the show will go on. >> great place to leave it. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. thanks for joining us and good thanks for joining us and good night from new york. advertisemt from the new face of time life, starvista entertainment, the brand you trust now reaching for the stars. ♪ hollywood's biggest stars, america's funniest comedians, and the greatest talents of all time. that was wonderful! (narrator) you knew you were about to meet a legend when you heard this: now, ladies and gentlemen, ella fitzgerald! julie andrews! george carlin! elvis presley! the supremes! ladies and gentlemen... the beatles! ♪ ♪ i wanna hold your hand


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